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Airbnb To Target Potential New Year’s Eve Parties

BySusan Lane

Dec 8, 2022

Airbnb Inc. has banned some users from renting entire properties for single nights as part of its push to stop parties on New Years Eve.

According to Thursday’s statement, the company will not allow guests to make reservations without having a positive account history and previous bookings through the platform. These factors are considered to be likely to cause a party, the company said. Bookings made in the same location as a guest’s home will be flagged as a problem. Airbnb will also suggest that a guest book a hotel or private room if they attempt to book a reservation for two or three nights. These restrictions will be in effect for the New Year’s Eve weekend of 11 countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil and France.

These moves are in line with Airbnb’s official codification of a party ban this summer. This was originally a public health measure that was put in place in the early days after the pandemic. In order to increase trust and safety between guests and hosts, the company will launch reservation screening technology worldwide next year. This is in anticipation that hosts will be more likely to become a second source income source as the economy slows.

New reservation screening tools will use context clues such as a newly created account, user’s booking location, and age to determine whether they are trying to host a party. Last year, the company tested the New Year’s Eve restrictions in eight different countries. It found that 340,000 people were blocked from bookings made over the holiday. Airbnb claims that party incidents fell by 56% last year, compared to 2020.

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